DELFOR and 830 message type is used for SAP SD schedule agreement. This post attempt to show some common fields required to map DELINS IDOC, for both EDIFACT DELFOR and X12 830 message type.

SD Business Field Meaning Source EDIFACT ORDERS segment Source X12 850 segment Target IDOC ORDERS/ORDERS05 segment
Header PO Number BGM+241 LIN..PO E1EDK09-VTRNR
Header PO Date DTM+137 E1EDK09-BSTDK
Header Forecast/JIT delivery schedule BGM BFR E1EDK09-LABNK
Header Sold-To Party NAD+BY N1+BT E1EDKA1-PARTN with PARVW 'AG'
Header Ship-To Party NAD+ST N1+ST E1EDKA1-LIFNR with PARVW 'WE'
Item Customer Part Number LIN/PIA with qualifier BP LIN E1EDP10-IDNKD
Item Last Delivery Number Received RFF+AAK ??? E1EDP10-BELNR
Item Last Delivery Quantity Received QTY+48 SHP+02 E1EDP10-VEMNG
Item JIT Horizon Last Date with SCC+1 Last Date with FST..C E1EDP10-ABHOR
Item Current Cumulative Quantity Ordered QTY+70 SHP+02 E1EDP10-AKUBM
Item Current Cumulative Quantity Received QTY+70 SHP+02 E1EDP10-AKUEM
Item Delivery Schedule Key 2 = Replace schedule lines 2 = Replace schedule lines E1EDP10-LABKY
Item Release schedule 02=JIT, 03=Forecast 02=JIT, 03=Forecast E1EDP10-SCREL
Schedule Line Date type D=Day FST E1EDP16-PRGRS
Schedule Line Date From DTM+2 FST E1EDP16-EDATUV
Schedule Line Date Until DTM+2 FST E1EDP16-EDATUB
Schedule Line Quantity QTY+131 FST E1EDP16-WMENG

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3 thoughts on “EDIFACT DELFOR and X12 830 to IDOC DELINS Basic Type DELFOR02

  • July 29, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Dear Khoo Yee Loon,
    my name is Kerstin and I am responsible for a customer who wants to send his purchase orders by EDI, with message DELINS (DELFOR/DELJIT). We work with customer consignment stock. Normally DELINs messages would result in a scheduling agreement in SAP. But my IT department wants to map the DELJIT messages to customer consignment fillups instead (thus ORDERS). I feel uneasy about this – is there a reason why DELJIT should not result in orders? I would be very grateful about your input. Thank you very much in advance.
    Best regards

    • July 29, 2015 at 2:46 pm

      Hi Kerstin,
      Normally Edifact DELFOR/DELJIT will map to DELINS idoc and update schedule agreement, periodically weekly or every few days/weeks.
      Technically is still possible to map edifact DELJIT to ORDERS idoc, but with some points to consider:
      a) Do customer already sending edifact DELFOR to update SA forecast? and now also separately sending edifact DELJIT message? Depend on configuration, SA should have JIT tab and forecast tab, probably DELJIT can update SA JIT tab. Please check with functional how is the consignment process.
      b) Do the purchase order in DELJIT always different and unique? Normally DELJIT/DELFOR will have same blanket PO to update same SA, while ORDERS message have different unique PO to create different sales order.
      c) Which document will be parent document to create consign fill-up delivery to customer/3PL warehouse? Sales Order or schedule agreement? Why create SO for consignment fill-up if already have SA?
      Above just some points from my mind, do check with functional consultant and understand the process flow.
      Yee Loon

  • August 19, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    We are receiving some Forecast schedules in DELJIT and the same in DELFOR. We want to replace the schedules coming in DELJIT with those from DELFOR with the help of LABKY. How can I do this? Currenty the LABKY is 1.


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