There are many time we need to find out what are the idoc numbers, based on limited information available. Let’s say we want to search all DESADV idoc numbers within latest month, and with batch number 1517463000. It would be very time-consuming, error-prone and demotivated if we have to go check at each idoc at segment level to manual match each value with our pair of eyes. Luckily we have WE09. WE09 able to search idoc precisely based on certain content criteria.
General steps of WE09:
Get the segment and field that contain batch number.  In this example segment is E1EDL44, field is CHARG.

Double-click on segment icon to see the short description.
Using WE09, input date range, logical message, segment, field and value to be searched.
After click Execute, number of idoc matched control record shown. After click “Yes”, each idoc will be search against the segment, field and value by system. Imagine if you have to search all by yourself manually!
Search result, found 3 idocs. If you double-click on idoc number, same idoc screen like WE02 and WE05 will be displayed.
Enjoy WE09. Cheers!

Search for IDOC Based on Content Criteria
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