The objective is to convert csv file to xml representation. Example:

The target message type is 2 columns that repeatable at node row.
Document Name is the target message type.
Document Namespace should be the namespace of the message type.
Recordset Strcuture is “row,*”. This mean the node “row” can be repeat unbounded time.
Parameter ignoreRecordsetName set to “true”, so that adapter will not default add another “Recordset” node, this is because for csv file, only have one structure only.
Parameter row.fieldSeparator = “|”, this is the delimiter of csv file. Fields will split whenever have this “|”.
Parameter row.endSeparator = ‘nl’, this is the new line character. Lines will split whenever have this ‘nl’.
Parameter row.fieldNames = “col1,col2”, this is the field names of node “row”.
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File Adapter – Sender – Content Conversion to Convert CSV file to XML
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