Steps I went through, the PI server is dual-stack PI 7.31:
1) Check what JDBC drivers installed.
1a) Check path “\usr\sap\<SID>\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\cluster\bin\ext\\lib”, found default “” only.
2) Download JDBC drivers. I’m using sqlite JDBC driver, from The latest available driver i used is “sqlite-jdbc-3.8.5-pre1.jar”.
3) Prepare “” to include new 3rd-party JDBC drivers. Refer sap note 1138877.
3a) Extract file “” from installation source “\DATA_UNITS\JAVA_J2EE_OSINDEP_UT\SAPXI3RDPARTY01_0.SCA”. Refer sap note 1770206.
3b) Open zipped sda file, add downloaded sqlite jar file into “\lib\”, then save sda file.
3c) Open and edit “\server\provider.xml”, add new line “<jar-name>lib/sqlite-jdbc-3.8.5-pre1.jar</jar-name>” under tag <jars> , then save sda file.
3d) Place this prepared “” file at “\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in”
4) RZ10, import profile, select profile “DEFAULT”, remove parameter “service/protectedwebmethods”, save and activate, then restart SAP services (or restart PI server also fine). Found out this step able to solve the 401 Unauthorized problem as mentioned in sap note 1600846, and due to reason from sap note 1439348.
5) Execute JSPM deploy.
5a) Open cmd at elevated mode, change directory to “\usr\sap\<SID>\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\JSPM”
5b) Execute: go.bat -config=”/jspm/forceMode=true” -config=”/jspm/deployVersionRule=updateAll”. Refer note 1123333.
5c) Select ‘HotFixes’ option as the package type, choose the detected sda file, proceed, then restart AS JAVA.
6) Done. Start playing around with PI JDBC adapters. 🙂
SAP Help – Providing External Drivers for the JDBC and JMS Adapters
SAP Note 1985053 – PI JDBC Adapter throws driver error with SAPClassNotFoundException
SAP Note 1138877 – How to Deploy External Drivers JDBC/JMS Adapters
SAP Note 1770206 – PI: How to extract the archive for deploying 3rd party drivers
SAP Note 1770304 – PI: How to prepare the for deployment
SAP Note 1816456 – PI: Deploying new JMS/JDBC drivers overwrites existing deployed drivers
SAP Note 1770384 – Cannot deploy the archive to PI
SAP Note 1829286 – PI: How to check which drivers are installed for the JMS and JDBC Adapters
SAP Note 1401712 – JSPM/SAPJup/SAPehpi/SUM cannot detect all cluster instances
SAP Note 1600846 – JSPM/SUM calls sapcontrol without user credentials
SAP Note 1439348 – Extended security settings for sapstartsrv
SAP Note 1565645 – SAP composite note: sapcontrol
SAP Note 1123333 – Redeploying same component with JSPM

JDBC Adapter – Deploy SQLite JDBC Drivers in PI 7.31 using JSPM
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