This example show SAP own SFTP receiver adapter to connect to Concur SFTP site, to send master data to Concur.
Enter Server host name, default port for SSH is 22. The Server fingerprint can get from SFTP client, like FileZilla, CoreFTP. Refer example in Reference below.
The concept is first time connect to a SFTP server, the client will prompt the server fingerprint, and asking if you trust the server to proceed to connect.
I’m using Proxy in current client environment.
Authentication method is password. Filename is using regular expression. Inside this quoted “.*” mean any character will take into consideration.
Filepath always start with symbol “~”, follow by the path.
Processing tab:

Advanced tab:
Tick Use ASMA and Filename. Put namespace “” and Filename sttribute name “FileName”. This have the flexibility to put any namespace and attributes.
This filename dynamic configuration is set during message mapping, then is used in SFTP receiver adapter.

SAP SFTP Receiver Adapter with Dynamic Filename
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