PGP general flow (X send to Y):
At X side sending, sign with X private key, Encrypt with Y public key.
At Y side receiving, verify with X public key, Decrypt with Y private key.
Below show an example usage of Seeburger PGP module to sign and encrypt payload:
The payload go through MessageTranformBean to convert from XML to CSV format, then pass to module chain Seeburger PGP to to sign and encrypt.

mode = sign and encrypt
signDocType = binary, tested for this sign and encrypted, it only work using binary.
signHashAlg, encryptDocSymAlg and encryptSymAlg can follow partner recommended setting.
signMode = twopass, traditional way to do PGP sign.
encryptKey0 = Partner PGP public key to encrypt
signKey = Own PGP private key to sign
cryptedpasswordSignKeyPass = masked key phrase for Own PGP private key. Alternate parameter is signKeyPass but password is viewable, not masked.

pgp sourceDest MainDocument
pgp asciiArmor TRUE
pgp compress FALSE
pgp cryptedpasswordSignKeyPass *****
pgp encryptDocSymAlg AES-256
pgp encryptSymAlg AES-256
pgp mode sign-encrypt
pgp signDocType binary
pgp signHashAlg SHA-1
pgp signMode twopass

Keep on learning 🙂

Seeburger PGP Module to Sign and Encrypt Payload
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