Below show example usage of SFTP receiver adapter:
Host name is target SFTP host want to connect. Port is default 22. Known hosts store is the key store view that contain SSH cert of the host. For the first time connect to host, will hit an error “The host key was not accepted”, this is because for the first time connect to an host, the host key is not verified yet and not known by seeburger adapter, seeburger SFTP adapter will get and place the host cert key into SSH_hosts keystore view. Default seeburger guide recommended create another known hosts store named “SFTPPartners”. The steps:
a) Create SFTPPartners view in keystore.
b) Go to SFTPPartners view, click “Import From View”
c) Choose SSH_hosts as from view, then choose the host’s key as from entry.
d) Click Import.
seeburger_sftp_cc_1 seeburger_sftp_cc_2
In this example is using HTTP Proxy:

Check Use dynamic attributes to dynamically set attribute like target filename and folder, SFTP Host and port. Normally seeburger dynamic attribute is set using Seeburger Attribute Mapper bean. In this example checked “Use non-empty attributes”, mean if any seeburger specific attributes is found in XI message, then it will be used.
dtSubject (file name)
dtSFTPHost (SFTP host)
dtSFTPPort (SFTP port)
dtSFTPUser (SFTP user)
dtSFTPPsw (SFTP password, not recommended as password will be visible).
dtSFTPPrivateKey (SFTP Private key)
dtSFTPBaseDir (SFTP target base directory)
In this example, Authentication method is using Password only.
Example FileName dynamic configuration set using message mapping, then used Seeburger Attribute Mapper bean to set into dtSubject, then in effect filename will be set:seeburger_sftp_cc_module
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Seeburger SFTP Receiver Adapter with Dynamic Filename
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