The simplest integration scenario I can think of is just simple data files copy, from one location to another. This can be easily done using any scripting language. Using SAP PI to do file copy only, is too over-kill. However, let get to the basic and try this “Hello World” kind of scenario.
Using SAP PI, copy any files(including text or binary file like *.doc, *.dll, *.pdf, etc) from folder A to folder B without any file content conversion, and remain with same exact same file names.
Graphical Flow:

Before Runtime:

After Runtime:

Configuration Objects:

Sender Business System BS_A
Receiver Business System BS_B
Sender Communication Channel CC_SND_FILE_BS_A read file from BS_A, source directory “D:\PI\BS_A\snd\”
Sender Agreement For sender BS_A and sender interface SI_DUMMY, send from channel CC_SND_FILE_BS_A.
Receiver Determination For sender BS_A and sender interface SI_DUMMY, using standard local rule, determined only 1 receiver, which is BS_B
Interface Determination For sender BS_A and sender interface SI_DUMMY and receiver BS_B, determined only 1 receiver interface, which is SI_DUMMY also.
Receiver Agreement For sender BS_A and receiver BS_B and receiver interface SI_DUMMY, receive to channel CC_RCV_FILE_BS_B.
Receiver Communication Channel CC_RCV_FILE_BS_B send file to BS_B, to target directory “D:\PI\BS_B\rcv\”

Interesting Points:

  • No ESR objects are created in this scenario, mean no DT, MT, SI, MM, OM created in ESR.
  • Business system BS_A and BS_B are referenced from same Technical system, due to I only test everything from one same PI box only. 🙂
  • The sender and receiver interface is same, SI_DUMMY.
  • SI_DUMMY and not existed at ESR, have to manually type in the ID, not able to found from drop-down list.
  • Not only text files, any binary files also can send using this scenario!!
  • To remain as same file names, need to select/tick “Use ASMS” and “File Name” at both sender and receiver communication channels.
  • ASMS is short-form of “Adapter-Specific Message Attribute”, at Advanced tab of File Adapter.
Simple Any File To File Scenario In ID Only Without ESR Objects
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