contextHasOneOfSuchValues will produces a single “true” if the first argument (a context queue) contains one of the values passed as a constant in the second argument (separated by a semicolon); otherwise “false”.
Source message type and target message type:
Source data and target data:
mapping for field string1:
1st queue is list from ‘A’ to ‘G’. 2nd queue is string “B;D;Z”
1st queue has one of such values from (‘B’,’D’,’Z’). 2 matches and 1 not matched.
As long as at least one matched, output will be single string value “true”.
Another example:
Both ‘M’ and ‘N’ also not matched any value from ‘A’ to ‘G’, so output is single string value ‘false’.

UDFNodePool – contextHasOneOfSuchValues

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