In past post, will copy any file to file with dummy interface using integration directory only. In this post, will achieve the thing but in SAP PO AEX, using NWDS, iFlow and ICO.
Objective: Create a scenario where file will copy from source folder to target folder.
Source folder: “C:\TEST\BC_A”
Target folder: “C:\TEST\BC_B”
1. Open NWDS, switch to Process Integration perspective, at PI explorer tab, right-click to create new iFlow. Click next again.

2. This default screen will shown up. Next is to do various configuration..
3. Final result is like this:
To achieve result like above, do below steps:
4. At sender system, assign system, then choose BC_A
5. At sender interface, click edit button, enter name “SI_DUMMY_FILE” and namespace “DUMMY”.
6. At sender channel, right-click to configure channel, then configure channel like normal File adapter. The concept is same, just the GUI layout a bit different.
7. For this dummy interface with single receiver BC_B, no mapping is required, so no need this step. This is to show options available.
8. For receiver channel, configure receiver file adapter, using same way like step 6 above.
9. For receiver system, configure receiver BC_B using same way like step 4 above.
10. Save and activate the iFlow.
11. Deploy the iFlow.
12. After deployment, the ICO will be shown at integration directory.
Done! Now ready for testing, put any file at source folder will copy to target folder, now go to message monitoring and adapter monitoring able to see those message processed.
Keep on learning 🙂

Simple File To File with Dummy Interface using NWDS, iFlow and ICO
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One thought on “Simple File To File with Dummy Interface using NWDS, iFlow and ICO

  • May 18, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    What is the procedure to create objects for Idoc to file and file to idoc scenario using NWDS (Single stack)? Could you please help me on that?


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