Customer Master Record

Customer master record consist of 3 views:
1) General data
2) Company code data
3) Sales area data
Each customer partner number must have account group. Account group used to group customer partner number that have same functionalities.
General data:
Control data:
Payment transaction:
Unloading point:
Export data:
Contact person:
Sales area data:
Sales: sales district, sales office, sales group, customer group, currency, acct at customer, customer pricing procedure, price list.
Shipping: delivery priority, shipping condition, delivery plant, complete delivery required by law, partial delivery per item, transportation zone.
Billing: incoterm, term of payment, credit control area, account assignment group, tax.
Partner function: table with fields, partner function, partner number, partner description.
4 main mandatory partner functions:
1) sold-to party
2) ship-to party
3) bill-to party
4) payer
Company code data:
Account management:
Payment transaction:

SD Customer Master Record
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