Sales document header controlled by sales document type.
Sales document item controlled by sales item category.
Sales document schedule line controlled by schedule line category.

Sales document types

Sales document type :
Document category : B=Quotation C=Sales order
Sales document block : Empty=Not blocked can be used by business.
Number systems
Internal number range assignment :
External number range assignment :
Item number increment :
Sub-item increment :
General control
Reference mandatory : Empty=Do not have mandatory reference
Check division : Check if item division equal to header division
Probability :
Check credit limit : Blank=Not check credit limit
Credit group :
Output application :
Material entry type :
Item division[check box] : Checked=Copy material/item division to sales order
Read info record[check box] : Checked=Read customer material info record
Check purchase order number :
Enter PO number[check box] :
Commitment date : Blank=Recalculate commitment date if changes made to material, quantity, requested delivery date.
Transaction flow
Screen sequence group :
Incompletion procedure :
Transaction group :
Document pricing procedure :
Status profile :
Alternative sales document type 1 :
Alternative sales document type 2 :
Variant :
Display range :
Function code for overview screen :
Quotation messages :
Outline agreement messages :
Message master contract :
Product attribute messages :
Incomplete messages[check box] : Not checked=Able to save sale document after system inform user document is incomplete during time of saving.
Schedule agreement
Correction delivery type :
Usage :
MRP for delivery schedule type :
Delivery block :
Delivery type : With value[e.g: LF]=Sales document type is relevant for delivery, and the delivery type to be used.
Delivery block :Blank=No automatic delivery block
Shipping conditions : With value=Take from this field. Without value=Take from customer master data.
Ship cost info profile :
Immediate delivery : With value=Delivery created automatically after sales order is saved. The delivery is not complete, still need picking,packing and good issue.
Delivery relevant billing type : With value[e.g: F2]=Relevant for delivery relevant billing, and the billing type to be used.
Order relevant billing type : With value[e.g: F2]=Relevant for order relevant billing, and the billing type to be used.
Inter-company billing type : With value[e.g: IV]=Relevant for delivery relevant billing, and the billing type to be used.
Billing block : Blank=No automatic billing block
Condition type for line items :
Billing plan type : Periodic billing, milestone billing, etc.
Payment guarantee procedure :
Payment card plan type :
Checking group :
Requested delivery date / pricing date / purchase order date
Lead time in days :
Date type :
Proposal for pricing date :
Propose valid-from date :
Propose delivery date[check box] :
Propose PO date[check box] :
Pricing procedure condition at header level :
Pricing procedure condition at item level :
Contract profile :
Billing request :
Group reference procedure :
Contract data allowed :
Follow up activity type :
Subsequent order type :
Check partner authority :
Update lower-level contract[check box] :
Availability check
Business transaction :

Item categories

Item Category Determination = Sales document type + Item category group + Usage + Item category of upper level item
Item category :
Business data
Item type :Blank=Standard item
Completion rule :
Special stock : Blank=Standard stock. W=Consignment stock
Billing relevance : A=Valid for delivery-related billing.
Billing plan type : periodic billing, milestone billing.
Billing block : Blank=No automatic billing block
Pricing : X=relevant for pricing.
Statistical value :
Revenue recognition :
Delimit start date :
Business item[check box] : Checked=Allow item business data to be different from header business data.
Schedule line allowed[check box] : Checked=Item relevant for schedule lines
Item relevant for delivery[check box] : Checked=Item quantity will be used to created delivery. Not checked=For standard item is not checked, because delivery is made from schedule lines.
Return[check box] :
Weight/volume relevant[check box] :
Credit active[check box] :
Determine cost[check box] : Checked=System use condition type VPRS of the pricing procedure to calculate the cost of this item.
General control
Automatic batch determination[check box] : Checked=System determine batch number at sales order time (and not subsequent delivery time).
Rounding permitted[check box] :
Order quantity is equal to one[check box] :
Transaction flow
Incompletion procedure at item level :
Partner determination procedure :
Tax determination procedure :
Item category statistics group :
Screen sequence group :
Status profile :
Create PO automatic[check box] :
Bill of material / Configuration
Configuration strategy :
Material variant action :
ATP material variant :
Structure scope :
Application :
Variant matching[check box] :
Create delivery group[check box] :
Manual alternative[check box] :
Parameter effectiveness[check box] :
Value contract
Value contract material :
Contract release control :
Service management
Repair procedure :
Control of resource related billing and Creation of quotations
Billing form :
DIP profile :

Schedule line categories

Schedule line category determination = Sales order item categories + MRP type (MRP1 of material master)
Schedule line category 1st character:
C=Sales Order
Schedule line category 2nd character:
T=No inventory management
X=No inventory management with goods issues
N=No planning
V=Consumption-based planning
Schedule line category : CP=Sales Order with MRP
Business data
Delivery block : Blank=No automatic delivery block
Movement type : SAP inventory movement type. Blank=No stock movement.
Movement type 1-step : Another SAP inventory movement type that need to happen together for paired stock movement
Order type (purchase requisition type) :
Item category (of purchase order or purchase requisition ) :
Account assignment category :
Item relevant for delivery[check box] : Checked=This schedule line category is relevant for delivery
Purchase requisition delivery schedule[check box] :
Transaction flow
Incompletion procedure :
Requirements/Assembly[check box] :
Availability[check box] : Checked=This schedule line is relevant for ATP availability checking.
Product allocation[check box] :

SD Sales Document Types + Item Categories + Schedule Line Categories
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